We start with a blank slate; in this case, a newly built custom home on a ½ acre lot in McKinleyville.


Treadwell Project CAD Plans
Working closely with the homeowner, we develop a landscape design and plot it using CAD tools. This process is interactive, customer-oriented, and can be changed at any time until our work is done.


Grading area to be landscaped. We start the project off by breaking up the soil to 12″ deep.




work_003Soil Preparation
Trenching for irrigation and drainage We mix beach sand (works better because it is round) into the soil to improve the drainage; then rototil it into the soil.


work_002 Once Grading is Complete

We install drain pipe to the down spouts and install plumbing for facets and drip irrigation.




work_004After That
Drainage pipes installed. Three inch drain pipe is connected to down spouts and run to rain harvest ponds. Overflow drains to the street.




Treadwell Panoramic Image Taken At The Completion of Phase One Stage 1 is complete. The soil is amended and graded at ¼” per foot fall. Drains are flowing into four ponds and dry creek is installed. Steel edging is installed for pathways. Flagstone accents and pathway bark are installed in pathways.